Monday, March 30, 2009


I am happy to brag about a great friend I have-Becky!

I have to say while some people are really nice, tactful and helping Becky (the best writer friend I could have ever been lucky enough to find!) is beyond all of them! She offers feedback straight up, no point to sugar coat things and no matter how she says it there is always encouragement afterwards. She saw my frustrated blog and right away she emails me wondering what was up, I have family reading this and no one responded! She has read my first book, and working on book two, and I have read hers, which is great! I must say it is easy for an outsider to view things differently but I truly take Becky's to heart because she has the inside look of things.

So yes I am still torn between my novel and its fate but I am leaving that choice to an editor. After all in the end an editor will be the one reading it anyways and I feel much better about this ALL because of Becky. No hard feelings towards anyone because I am happy this YA madness was an issue due to the fact a lot more things will be opened and smoothed away when it is resolved. This may come off as me being mad at the honesty and well if you think that you really do not know me, I know criticism is to come and honesty is essential--I know this and I welcome the rejection and anguish! No point of fighting that!

Although before I was mostly mad at myself for thinking I created this huge problem well it's not. I did right by me and that's just how I feel, so on the query you bet I am going to make it sound more YA like--even though my MC starts out young and has a child with her partner before the age of 20.

Would it matter to anyone if I said the setting for my novel was in a far away made up land and also it was common for girls to be married young since there was lack of opportunity so to have a family was expected? I think it would make a difference, YA readers are not stupid and times are changing so to really have them see an inside look on motherhood after marriage and to see how you should embrace who you are, even as a witch, why not?

My Brain Is Hurting!

Okay! Last night was informative, yes I will stick with that word.

I posted my query on several forums and the responses were good, helpful and lastly concerning.

A lot of people were telling me (and thank you for the honesty and in no way is this an angry rant against any of you) that my query was lacking YA voice and themes and they found it odd that someone under the age of 18-19 was having a baby even after she is married and older.

Before I began writing I Am A Renidken, I had the YA audience in mind, always have, this is why I avoided explicit violence, language and sexual scenes. Now I am beginning to wonder if I should go back add those parts in and convert to an adult fantasy. Yes Leana my wonderful MC can still start out fairly young maybe up her to 18 turning 19 and she can still grow older and can be 20 when she has her kid?

I cannot help but be mad at myself. I feel as if I failed and I hate it which is why I am willing to convert the novel to adult. After all I was reading adult books as a teen so no doubt there will be teens who will read it if it does get published. Is that the reason why agents are passing, it does not seem like a YA theme?

I am happy this issue was brought to my attention but I wish it would have been addressed sooner instead of all at once. So bottom line is tonight I have some serious thinking to do and when I get the feedback from the editor tomorrow hopefully she can clarify if it can work for a YA or if I should convert it. After numerous blogs defining YA guidelines I thought it was working fine but readers are saying else.

I need to sit back and write in my new novel, it will be a useful distraction. Not to mention I still need to finish going through submissions for FMM and I already went through tons! Hopefully tomorrow I will have a post declaring on what will happen to my book based on the editors feedback.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Book In A Nutshell!

Yup that's right and its buzzing everywhere!

If you do not know of it yet here is the gist!

The Knight Agency is having a contest, Book in a Nutshell, for unpublished manuscripts! You have a limit of three sentences and a limit of 150 words for the submission to tell your book! Deadline is April 20Th so get started! The top 20 will be asked for requests and may lead to possible representation! Check out their website for more!

So I have been working on my three sentences and I am super happy with how it is going! I started with 70 words and now I am up to 90 and it is already so much better! Forums are great for feedback! I also posted my revised query on the forums but also these three sentences would go great in a query! Killing two birds with one stone! Love it when that happens!

It is time though for me to start writing in my new novel, unsure of the title still and frankly a few other things but I will get through it. Hope everyone had an awesome weekend! I know I did!

Oops! One more thing! The editor I sent my work in for a critique is getting back to me Monday or Tuesday! I emailed her on Saturday and she got back to me right away. I hope this isn't too brutal but I am excited to see what she says. Again I will post a blog after I review her critique and let you all know about the experience.

Friday, March 27, 2009


My goodness the last couple days I have been busy! This is odd for me because normally I am just relaxing and surfing the net and writing.

So I am happy to say I put together a Flash Me Magazine Myspace! I think it turned out nice, informative but yet relaxed that is good! I also made sure to add the link on here so if your a myspacer check us out and feel free to add us! Now just trying to build the friend list and get people to check us out. I hope this goes well the staff I work with are all great. As of now I do not have comments needing to be approved before posting...we will see if I can leave it that way!

Also I finished a friends book, which is awesome! I truly loved it and she is a remarkable writer and I been meaning to do a trial book review for her because I am interested in doing one for the magazine but I would like to make sure I have a nice grasp before I take it on. I don't want to come over as overbearing! I am trying to create a professional letter for donations/advertising for FMM. I must say after looking it over last night I am pretty happy with (most) of it. I am really happy about my new volunteer work and it shows obviously. This is like a breath of fresh air from not working, it's like yes someone finally needs my excitement and enthusiasm for something productive outside of my personal writing work!

Another book idea I been lingering on for some time now and this one I am not sure how I want it to be. I have a plot that can be bent many ways so to choose which way I want it to go is hard. I think this will be one of the few NON fantasy books I write. It's strange I know but I think I could make this story work but then again I might change it, who knows? Hopefully I can bounce ideas off my awesome friend Becky--see what she thinks about it. She's honest and I love that. She is also reading the sequel to my books, ah! I am a little nervous this time around. Just because it really kicks into gear with fantasy and it moves quickly and then towards the end I slow it down once more and although I think the ending is awesome, others could hate it!

Thank goodness it is the weekend I am going to kick back and relax and spend some time with my great husband, who by the way just bought me a sapphire necklace and earring set! It's my birthstone and I love it, not to mention blue is my personal power color! Hope all you readers have a great weekend, you should kick back too we deserve a break!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Votes Are In!

My most recent poll is officially OVER! Here are the results:

What is the hardest thing about writing?





Characters-0% (Not one vote!)

I am not surprised editing came in first because let's face it we all go back and read, fix, read, correct, read, fix this and is never ending! There is always something that can be "tweaked" in your writing.

I was happy to see characters did not get one vote! That is awesome because it tells me that writers have a clear visual and idea for who they want in their story! That is great!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the voting! I will be posting another poll shortly, hopefully tonight. I think I will run the poll for 2-3 weeks vs. the month.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Publishing Assistant!

I am happy to say that I have volunteered my time to help work with other talented people at Flash Me Magazine-an online website that shares flash fiction pieces. I am super excited to be working with an accomplished editor Jenn and I really hope I can bring some good things for the site and am hoping to learn some new things and meet some awesome people on the way!

This is going to be wonderful to have something to do in the meantime since I am not working anyways and will offer a break from my novels when I need it. Today was good and the week is going to get even better because I am anxiously awaiting an editorial review, which I will post later once I get her feedback so that way I can blog the whole experience. Okay well I am going to skim over book one--it is a never ending cycle as we all know!

This Is True!

I could not help but laugh today reading over a blog from a magazine website. It was explaining how some people are rude when they get feedback on why their story was passed. As I posted in their comment area: I would rather know why they passed on my story then do the whole question I wonder why...which makes me go crazy! Yeah rejection is not fun for anyone but it happens and to writers more than anyone else I think!

So again I made a funny quote which I just had to share:

"Critism is like the air writers breathe, it is going to happen so suck it up and brace yourself--it's going to get rough!" -Sara Tribble

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Giving Up Is NOT An Option!

I just got finished doing blog rounds(wow by the way lots of good reads today!) and one blog in particular really got me going-in a good way! It was about confidence and overconfidence. When is it not enough and when is it too much? I must say as a person I consider myself confident and I do my best to not try to sound "over confident." I truly have things I am proud of in my life, my marriage, my family and friends, my hobbies (this includes my writing and art) and I will be the first to tell it all to you, but hey I also got problems like everyone else in the world and I will be glad to share those too!

When it comes to writing, where do I stand personally? I think I am professional and if I am not I sure try hard to be, whether it is a query letter or a phone call to check a status of a submission(and yes I dreadfully wait until the deadline is met and when it is OK to call and check!). Everyone is so subjective in the business you need to have a thick skin, giving up is the easy way out! Do not do it, you owe it yourself not to!

I love the stories I write and I cannot help it, I really truly believe I can tell a good story that is marketable and I am sure many people will disagree with that, obviously because I am still unpublished and without an agent (see one of my problems right there and this one drives me insane!) but I hope in the future that changes (hence I am not giving up until it does = confidence).

So if you do disagree with my work I am sorry that I could not take you away into my imagination, really I am sorry because as a writer I want to include people in my imagination and I want them to feel the bonds grow between characters and I want them to laugh when one makes a smart remark in sarcasm, mostly I want them to believe there really is more out there and the best way to find it is sometimes through a book.

I hope one day my books can do this for others like the books I have read have done for me because they took me away from the drama in my life, if even for an hour and gave me something wild to think about, a vampire forbidden love story or how cool it would be if Hogwarts really was real! Or there really was Narnia waiting in a magical wardrobe. I leave you all with a personal quote I made just minutes ago.

"Do not allow defeat, do not quit, we have come way too far to doubt ourselves now."
-Sara Tribble (me)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rambling = City Nights Excerpt

City Nights-By Sara Tribble

In the darkness I could feel the fear rise into my mind, where was I? There are city lights everywhere but why did I feel like I was surrounded by darkness. I was scared that much was true, people continued to walk on the sidewalks minding their own business not even tossing a look of concern to me. Surely I looked out of place here.

Then I saw him. He was tall and handsome with piercing eyes that could look into my very soul. He was dressed in black from head to toe and wore a black beanie, like a thief in the night. I could not take my eyes away from him, he was like the forbidden fruit that I could not have. He started to come to me and then he began to talk to me.

"What are you doing here in this city of wonder?" He smiled and I could feel my heart race.

"I have no idea." I told him honestly.

"Want to come with me?" He asked.

"I do not know you?" I replied.

"Do I scare you?"

I thought for a minute, "No, not at all."

He brought his hand down to me "Then let's go."

I extended my hand and he grasped it firmly and he pulled me up from the bench and went with the strange man who would turn out to be my love, my friend, and partner in crime.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Book Two Is Officially Finished!

That is right my friends!

I just got typing my last dialogue lines to end my sequel! I am very happy with this book also! It flows very well and this one is packed so much more with action and more humor among my characters, don't get me wrong though book one is just as good! I left a surprise at the end and a slight explanation of what to be expected in book three and as I keep reading it over I cannot help but smile, I love how words melt into one another.

So now that is done the revising and editing begins again! Yes I know some may consider this project not completely finished but to me it pretty much is. Revising is so easy to do once the main book concept is complete! I am so happy right now! I cannot wait to look this over once more tomorrow and then I start juggling my days for books one and two, tie up any loose ends and make it complete. is good to me!

Still no word on agents but I have my fingers crossed so let's hope I get some news soon. I should however be hearing the status of my manuscript submission in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award sometime this week, mind you the limit was 10,000 entries from many talented writers! I will hold no hard feelings if mine is not selected for quarterfinals--after all there are countless brilliant writers out there looking for their chance. At least I will have some revising to keep my mind busy in the meantime. Hope all of you are doing great in your writing process!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Looking Back

As I am typing away for my second book it is nearing towards the end, and I cannot help but feel a little sad. My second book is coming to an end, it is hard to say, this is where most of my characters stories stop and they live happily ever after and trust me I want them to be happy after all they have been through they deserve nothing else.

So what is next for me?

Book Three, which will explain why everything is the way it is in my imaginary land Beress. In the meantime the sci-fi and hunt for an agent is on, along with constant editing of book one and soon book two. I shall press on for achieving not the impossible, but improbable; even when I go back to college and work.

"Writing is a beast I simply cannot kill, no matter how many times I try, it will not die."
--Sara Tribble (me)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sci-Fi Roll

I wrote my sci-fi story that I was dying to write! I like it, a lot!

In fact I must say I never really pictured me much as a sci-fi writer, but these flash/micro fiction works I am doing are really enjoyable! I am actually impressing myself with the humor in them, I mean come on who does not like a small chuckle while reading?

I am happy to say I finished the works, at 998 words! Perfect under 1,000! Easier said then done of course! I was torn to try to decide which place to send it to, but I chose the one that responds within 30 days, so I hope a fast result and hopefully before the 31st of March so if they do not want in, I can send it to the other place and hopefully they will like it.

I feel better now that I got a story done, it was fun! No wonder why writers say to try to write everyday.

Monday, March 9, 2009

A Different Approach

After thinking over my curret problem-do I mesh book two with book three-an idea struck me! What if I tie in all of my future writing to the SAME setting!?

It makes sense, I will have my original titles and then a subtitle, I have a few names I am deciding over for this. But this will work easily with the future books I plan to write plus I can focus on just the main title and not have to worry about work dragging and mixing too many ideas in one and plus I can keep them fairly similiar to works around 50,000+ words. I must say I am really happy I thought of this and at a good timing as well.

Ahh...the satisfaction of a new idea, nothing can quite compare! I am sorry to end this so briefly but I have been itching to write another sci-fi flash fiction story so I am going to get to it! Why are you still reading? Shouldn't you be writing?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

For All You Writers Out There

I would like you to scroll to the bottom of my page now and read a quote from the Great C.S. Lewis

This holds the truth and strives me to not give up on myself or my book.

I hope it does the same for you!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Step Forward

I thought I would take a second and reflect on my previous days. That's right I got my glasses on along with some comfortable pajama's and I am treating myself to some Pepsi and I am kicking back and having some fun online!

So the past few days I have been busy busy online trying to send queries to Agents/Agencies to try to get my YA Fantasy novel I AM A RENIDKEN looked at with hopes of seeing it published. I must say I am exhausted! So now it is time to play the wretched waiting game...I hate this game!

In the meantime though I am happy to announce that the sequel is coming along pretty well. I had some good ideas and dialogue for the characters and I been busy with that also, which then leads me to the dilemma. I originally wanted a triology set, however as the sequel is towards an end my word count is not very high. I hate it when books drag on with useless information and so I am stuck, do I put in my third book ideas in with the second? A big part of me is saying no, the other part is saying it might be good, this way I do not have to fill in every detail of the plot and worry if I will have enough for another full manuscript. I am still thinking this all over and weighing pros and cons.

Another high note is I am happy to say that I submitted in multiple works to some magazines and online websites! While I have an original piece sent to a sci-fi magazine, I also days ago wrote some work to specifically send in to another fantasy magazine. Have any of you heard of Micro-Fiction? If not it is extremely short (150 words was the cut off for this submission) writing and while I was finding it hard to do, I actually really love what I wrote. It has humor in it which is always a plus! I really think I have a shot of them wanting to publish it but response time is about 2 months, again this waiting game, oh well I hope it is worth the wait!

These have been my busy days recently and I am happy with all the work I have completed and submitted, I wish I never waited this long to pursue my dream of having a published novel/stories but that is just how it goes sometimes! Now if you excuse me I have a Pepsi to drink and enjoy!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Imagine-Short Story

This is my one and only published work (2005) -so far :) Tell me what you think--Enjoy!

By: Sara Tribble

I looked at him with open eyes. He sat in a dark, tall wooden chair in the corner. His right vigorously tapping on the floor. He glanced about, then at me with a smile he would then glance about again. It was another Thursday.

Every Thursday I sat across from him, my patient. His name was Tye. Tye was in his pre-adult stage. He was a tall, good looking young man. He had the brightest blue eyes I have ever seen. Yes every Thursday I waited to hear him speak.

Time passed slowly in my office. I tried to start a conversation but only to get no reply other than a smile or a giggle. Looking at the old wooden clock I dismissed him and he walked out my door. His mother, Janet, waited outside for him and I talked to her briefly and then they left. I came back to my office and went into my file cabinet and pulled out his file.

I glanced over the court hearing. It stated by a doctors note that he had no projection of reality, a different form of schizophrenia. It also said he would state that he sees things such as demons, and they tried to hurt him and make him do things. He was on trial for the murder of his grandmother. I looked at a picture of the murder scene, she was covered in blood with little cuts all over her body. It's hard to believe a kid could do this.

I put the file back in its place, shut off my lights and left my office. A couple of days later Janet called my cell phone. I picked up since I told her to call only if it was an emergency. She was panicking saying Tye was going crazy again and I could hear him in the background screaming. Over the phone I tried to tell her what to do but she cut me off and told me to listen. I heard Tye screaming and actually talking real words.

I came right away as I pulled up to the big, old Victorian style house. I knocked at the door and Janet opened it right away and led me upstairs. There Tye sat in a corner with his head in his knees. He was sobbing loudly as I got closer I made out the words "Leave me alone." I went on my knees in front of him and lift his head. I tried to say words of comfort but he wouldn't stop saying "Leave, just tell them to leave." I asked whom but he only pointed to the doorway. I looked in the direction and nothing was there, not one thing was in the doorway. I talked him through that nothing was there, he had nothing to fear. He started to calm down and then he said something I never heard before-kepzelet.

He finally settled down and his mother put him to bed, I asked her if he knew any foreign languages. She didn't know of any, she said before his incident he has always been into Europe and he dreamed of going there one day. I nodded and took my leave. I went back to my office and turned to my computer typing the word in many European dictionaries when I found it. Kepzelet was Hungarian and meant fancy, imagination, or fantasy in English. Now why would he be saying that, let alone how did he know that?

I looked away towards the window and there before me was Tye.
"Tye how did you get here? Where's your mother?" I saw something gleam black in his hand in the moonlight. "What is that in your hand?"
He moved his hand so I could see it was a pistol.
"Tye you don't have to do this give me the gun, just give me the gun." I slowly held out my hand.
I looked in his pretty blue eyes and he whispered "Kezeplet."
"Imagine what, fantasy, what do I need to do?" I frantically asked.
He replied "Imagine you see what I see."
He brought the gun to the left side of his head and squeezed the trigger. I woke abruptly, it was a dream.

It was another Thursday Tye came to see me again. This time he talked openly about everything the murder, his mother, his life, the weather, anything he talked so freely. Towards the end of our session I asked why he wanted to talk today, why it took him so long to say words.

He explained he was free now, he had no more worries, he was ready to live life again, he explained the demons were no more and they told him a secret.
"Oh what was the secret?" I was curious.
"They told me who they're going to next, that's why I know I'm okay."
I thought for a moment and wondered if he even knew for sure they were gone, was it a mind trick? I couldn't help myself "Who did they say?"
"Why don't you ask them?" He pointed behind me and nudged me to look.
I screamed and in the back of my mind I heard Tye giggle.