Friday, January 22, 2010

I Decided...

I decided what my BIG projects are going to be this year! I know everyone does their resolutions early when the new year hits, but I like to think over...well pretty much everything, so sorry for the late goal!

I, Sara Donelle Tribble, am going to write a YA Paranormal that I've been thinking on for months, am going to return to my very first book and rework it to make it the completely awesome Adult Fantasy like it deserves to be, and a secret project which I'm not sure if I should share quite yet, but trust me it's going to rock.

On the side, I shall continue to wait to hear from a publisher on Jacks & Spades, continue querying my current thriller manuscript to agents, compete in actual short story contests, and would like to write at least two genre poems.

Those are my writing goals. If I can do all of this throughout the year it would be awesome. Mind you, I have to juggle blog reads, emails, tweets, soon to be work, school, reading, and maintain a social life. Thank goodness I have no kids yet, I'd never make it!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Feeling Good About...Everything!

I know, your thinking is it really possible? The answer, well bottom line to that answer, is yes. You see I logged on twitter finally and I spotted all of these fellow writers with goals and simple hellos and it inspired me. How can we all be writers and yet remain so positive rejection after rejection? It's incredible! So the post today is meant to inspire and pull through with happiness, even throughout the bad.

I mean, I'm back living at home right now with no job. It's rough. I miss my own place and my husband's military pay, but that's beside the point. Some great things are happening because I am jobless, I'm going back to school so I can get a job. I wouldn't have bothered even looking into it if I was employed right now. Positive note, remember this cause I am pointing them out.

Days ago, I submitted an old story I edited/re-wrote so I could find it a nice SF home. I would have done this earlier if the holidays/visits/job hunting/etc. didn't consume every moment of my spare time. Plus, I really like the story. But even with all that craziness, I managed to meet a submission deadline, positive part on this is the magazine's reading period is a day away. I won't be waiting forever for a acceptance or rejection.

Another note, I wrote a new short story based on a dream, along with the whole fantasy appeal. The story holds a hidden meaning at the end, which really brought all this stuff into light for me. Positive part, the story is fantastic and showed me to appreciate the hidden things. Who knew my own writing would send me a message?

So those are my positives out of my nothings. I challenge you to look into your own and tell me or even blog it--what positives are hiding behind your bad nothings?

Friday, January 1, 2010

Awesome News!!!

I am super excited. My husband is out of the Army for good, his family and us all made it back from Texas to Michigan safely while driving a six vehicle convoy on expressways before Christmas Eve, and the holiday visits have been crazy busy! It's weird to think I've only been home in Michigan for a little over a week. I been busier than ever with the holidays and it's almost madness, almost. But that's why I been rare to find on the computer, there's always tons going on with me. Not a bad thing, I suppose.

So besides the job hunting, drinking with family, compiling my list of books to read now that a library is close by, seeing my adorable neice and nephew, some great news came through.

Remember when our apartment was robbed, well someone pawned one of our PS3's last week, which made a hit on the police system from the pawn shop due to my clever keeping of boxes that has serial numbers on it. So this guy led our Detective to another guy, needless to say they found a few more of our stolen items and guess where? In our neighbors apartment house below us! How sad, but a wonderful break through. We are so lucky to have a working Detective because he is so on our side and is getting the job done unlike anything I expected, so for now we hope more stuff turns up when they use their warrants and we'll see what goes on from there.

2010...already kicking full gear and loving it! Mostly because they found my stolen and truly missed Gryffindor (yes, I named my 80 GB iPod after Harry Potter) and I can't wait to hear my music again. Also, I am planning to return to school now that I'm back home and finish my degree in medical. That's exciting for me because I love college and if we intend to stay in Michigan then I need to have it done.

What about all of you? What has 2010 done for you? Or better yet, what WILL it mean for you?